Parkinson wellness project

Previously known as ParkinGo Wellness Society, Parkinson Wellness Project (PWP) will be a community centre to help people fight Parkinson’s Disease primarily through exercise. The centre will be rooted in a strong social community paired with physical activities.

Introducing Charity Electric

When Charity Electric was introduced to PWP in April 2017, they were looking to re-engage the community and recruit new members and donors for the facility. PWP was looking to refresh their brand and reconsider its communication strategies. With Charity Electric's marketing expertise and coordination they were able to rename and design a new logo to represent that the same high quality of services and interaction is still present with PWP, but is now even better.


Rebranding & Renaming

The project began with taking the previous name ParkinGo, and renaming the organization to reflect support and overall health and well being. Charity Electric understood the importance of a name; it’s the first impression when no one is around to give context and sets the tone for an environment. We wanted something unique, that would speak to PWP's identity and brand. In order to ensure our success in this process, we conducted a market review and audit of the local & national environment in conjunction with our creative branding process.

A survey of the local and national names and naming styles was undertaken as market research prior to developing the proposed name.  As well as with feedback and coordination with PWP, we refined the name into what it is currently known as now, Parkinson Wellness Project.

PWP-Logo-Mockups-02 (1).jpg


The Parkinson’s community are fighters, embodying the spirit and tenacity of a boxer. Informed by the community itself, the design features a synergy between strength, tenacity and resilience, along with elegance and sophistication. The community sports a light hearted attitude, and this jovial demeanour is reflected in the name and visuals of the brand.

The simplicity and colour pallet of the new logo reflects this attitude and vision of the organization, and the community as a whole. We constructed this logo with the following features in mind:


Blue is considered beneficial to the mind and body. It is associated with healing and understanding.

Creating a silhouette of a person in motion is easy to identify from long distance and is very representative of the tenacity and energy of the company.

Rounded corners and subtle curves makes the logo feel approachable and friendly. 

The circle shape represents community and harmonizes the shapes of the logo.

White space between shapes helps to increase visibility of the silhouette which in turn increases legibility at smaller sizes.

Working with Charity Electric was like enjoying a delicious meal at your favourite restaurant. There were many options of services to choose from, which allowed me to tailor their services to our non-profits needs. Jonathan and his team work fast and effectively. It felt like our success was their success!
— Katie Nelson, PWP Project Coordinator
Brochure_0264_2017-10-26 (1).jpeg


The PWP rebrand & renaming is just the first step in a full scope marketing and communication plan. With the refreshed image we can move forward on a fully integrated communications plan to create connections, raise awareness about PWP, and improve the lives of Parkinson’s fighters. Tools such as a new robust website, promotional hand out materials, fundraising information and other advertisements will carry PWP’s message to fulfill this vision. None of this would make sense without first setting up a successful foundation with a relevant and consistent name and brand.

We are confident that we achieved that with this project, and that PWP will continue to see the benefits of having an updated logo that matches their brand.