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Churchill Park

In January 2016, Churchill Park (CHP), a Calgary-based childcare and development centre, came to us with a deceptively straightforward request: they wanted a new logo to refresh their brand and unify their various programs.

On the surface, creating a new logo can be very analytical. Plug in the desired colours, tone, and design elements, and there it is. Through our process however, we understand that a logo is so much more than that. It acts as one of the main faces of your organization, and can communicate much more than just your name. This is especially true in the non-profit sector, where there are often significantly more stakeholders than with comparably sized for-profit businesses. In projects like this, we strive to get to know your organization at as deep a level as we can, so that we can best translate the core of who you are into that visual identity - which is exactly what we did for Churchill Park.


Rebranding & Renaming

To begin, we spent a day with them in Calgary to get a sense of who they truly are and what’s important to them. Prior to our involvement, CHP had done some internal work to understand how their various stakeholders see the organization. Charity Electric led a group session with Churchill Park to collaboratively refine and consolidate those ideas into a base that we could then build their visual identity on. Through this process, we provided presentations and resources on the value of strategic branding to help CHP be as involved as possible in the re-imagination of their new identity.

Once we had a developed a strong sense of what makes Churchill Park unique, we moved on to developing the logo itself. Multiple drafts and alterations ensured that when the process was complete, we had delivered a  “logo [that] won out with an overwhelming landslide victory” and faithfully presented to the world who they are. This could not have been achieved without the strong culture of open communication and client input that is part of our approach here at Charity Electric. This process was robust enough to persist through leadership changes and organizational shifts, while still unifying the mosaic of voices that makes Churchill Park the unique organization it is.

The final product is an updated logo that refreshes the brand while still paying homage to the previous logo and Churchill Park’s many years of experience.


GMG-Churchill-Rendered-infographic (version 1.0).jpg

Hearkens back to the previous logo as well. These colours create a bright and energetic identity that is more child-focused than the previous logo.

Made to bring to mind images of construction paper, which is representative of interactions the kids may have had at the centres.

Captures CHP’S identity shift and current vision; highlighting “Kids” over “Churchill Park” better represents who they are now at the core of their organization.

Pays a strong homage to the previous logo and history of CHP, while also evoking images of bright beginnings and new days - images that fit well with their desired narrative and new visual direction.


These updates have given Churchill Park a cohesive new brand that will allow them to better stand out in their market. It is designed to be adaptable for use in any branding situation, from website design to business stationary. Finally, it enables CHP to simply change a few words on the base template to tailor it for each of their unique programs, something that was not as easy with the previous logo. This will unify their programs, which was one of their strategic priorities when they began this process. It is designed to be adaptable and modern, while not losing the strong heritage behind their organization. All these aspects help reconnect the logo with the Churchill Park of today, and are drawn from our deep understanding of them as an organization.


For Charity Electric, one of the things we understand well is that your brand marks are so much more than colours and shapes. Given the intense competition in many of today’s markets, your logo should create a compelling narrative for your organization and communicate your unique identity to your community. We believe that the best way for us to help you do that is to first cultivate a deep understanding of what makes you you as an organization. Then we base our designs and strategy on that - exactly like we did for CHP. This new logo gives Churchill Park a foundation they can continue to build on for years to come. We are honoured that they allowed us to play a part in their organization’s story, and we are excited to see what this project sparks for them in future years.