We approach each project with spark of passion and enthusiasm. Enjoy seeing some of our projects which we are proud to have contributed on to deliver a strong outcome to our clients.

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Ambrose University

In the spring of 2017, Ambrose University approached Charity Electric for the first time to address possible solutions to their declining donor return rate and overall incoming revenue, so we created a tailor-made game plan to get them back on track. Ambrose University is a Calgary based Christian liberal arts school, that has provided over 90 years of higher education, allowing students to grow and explore their faith while learning. Fundraising plays an important role in Ambrose’s ability to carry on their mission and foster world-changing leaders, so we knew the stakes were high for this client.


MB Biblical Seminary

In the summer of 2017, MB Seminary came to us in a season of change: they had just hired a new president, and were also transitioning from a start up to an established school. With these changes came many opportunities for growth. However, while having several options in front of you is exciting because of the possibilities, it can also be overwhelming because of the amount of choices. The first step MB Seminary wanted to take was to make sure that they understood their organization at a deep level.


Parkinson Wellness Project

Previously known as ParkinGo Wellness Society, Parkinson Wellness Project (PWP) will be a community centre to help people fight Parkinson’s Disease primarily through exercise. The centre will be rooted in a strong social community paired with physical activities.


Churchill Park

In January 2016, Churchill Park (CHP), a Calgary-based childcare and development centre, came to us with a deceptively straightforward request: they wanted a new logo to refresh their brand and unify their various programs.