The Charity Electric Advantage


 Bring Clarity and Focus to your Fundraising efforts!


Utilizing our research on Canadian non-profit organizations and the many current clients we work with across a variety of charitable causes, has allowed us to map the common pitfalls that often belabour fundraising initiatives or keep organizations from growing sustainably.


Data Review

CE will systematically analyze your fundraising data for up to 10 years of giving history, compiling an easy to understand report of your strengths, weaknesses and challenges. This report will help light the way forward to a sustainable future of giving to help support your organization and activities.


Print & Digital Communication Review

In conjunction with the data review, CE will conduct a review of your communication initiatives from a fundraising & strategic goals lens. We’ll review your past email communication and provide key insights on their adherence to the latest industry standards. Similarly, we will analyze past communication efforts in printed format and ensure donors are provided with a clear, intentional and consistent voice.


Website Review

As a key component of your organization, CE will evaluate its ability to fulfill your website’s key functions. Our evaluation will look at your site’s functionality from a donor-centric point-of-view. The primary components considered are donor experience, usability, security, speed, search engine optimization, as well as written and visual consistency.


Strategy & Content Calendar Overview

With the insight provided by the analysis of historical and current data, our team will assemble key strategies that will enable you to move closer to your organizational goals. These can include but are not limited to the implementation of organizational standards, acquisition campaigns, fundraising campaigns, stewardship efforts, or asset development. Each recommendation will be prioritized and laid out over the course of upcoming months to allow you to best visualize intended progression.


We understand that a comprehensive review may not be required. We offer each component individually to provide you with the results you need.

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Fundraising in 2019


Learn From Your Current and Past Efforts

  • Understand donors who have given to you in the past

  • See what area of your donor base needs improvement

  • See why your email conversion rates are low

By combining historical data, industry best practices, key performance indicators and technology, we are able to highlight both the key areas of strength and weaknesses specific to your organization. This allows us to provide you with the strategic insight required for your organization to reach a sustainable and balance future.

Have you asked yourself any of the following lately?

  • Are you positioning the organization properly within this community?

  • Do your communications present a unified, professional, and consistent brand or

    personality to your supporters across communications channels?

  • Are you using the right mix of communications channels to reach these people with

    these messages?



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The start of a new year is a great time to take a fresh look at habits, goals and processes both professional and personal. A fundraising and communications audit can help you take a holistic look at what you are achieving and kick off the new year discovering how you can execute most effectively.